cordoba: the town

The UNESCO has honored Cordoba with 3 NOMINATIONS as WORLD HERITAGE for its outstanding universal values.

The History of Cordoba is amazing.

Founded by the Carthaginians, conquered by the Romans and occupied by the Goths, Córdoba reached the peak of her splendour as the 10th Century caliphal capital of Al-ANDALUS.

It became the most brilliant city in Europe serving as a bridge between East and West.

- Córdoba is one of those cities in which the various civilizations that have passed through have woven a tapestry of reminiscences, suggestions and spiritual traces that provide us with an extraordinary Cultural Heritage bequeathed by such ancestors as Seneca, Lucan, Averroes, Maimonides, Góngora ...

Cordoba houses treasured monuments of four civilizations whose global recognition came from UNESCO on three occasions.

• In 1984 The Great Mosque Aljama was nominated a WORLD HERITAGE site. 

▶ Cordoba Cathedral (Mezquita de Cordoba), Andalusia, Spain in HD 

• In 1994 most of the historic center was honored with the same nomination

• In 2012 its "PATIOS" were declared an INTANGIBLE WORLD HERITAGE site too.

- Cordoba’s central geographical location, which in the past has contributed to its splendour, remains an advantage when planning visits and excursions to the most important Andalusian cities : Seville is130 km away, Granada is 170 km. In addition, Madrid is just over 90 minutes away by high speed train and Barcelona can be reached in 5 hours.

- No less important are its people: hospitable, kind and slow walking because everything is so close.

- Córdoba is still a city on a human scale that enriches us with its art, beauty, and tranquility.